Israeli military strikes Golan Heights to foil “terror plot”

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The Israeli Air Force launched a strike on a militant cell, who had arrived from Syria, after they were attempting to plant a bomb in the occupied Golan Heights. Reports say that up to four people have been killed in the operation.

At around 9:30pm local time, Israeli troops saw“a group of armed terrorists” heading towards the Israeli side of the Golan Heights. The group then placed an explosive device on a border fence, which was deemed an apparent threat as it targeted the troops, according to an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) statement. Israeli aircraft were deployed and “targeted the squad, preventing the attack.”

The military did not confirm or deny any casualties, but local media said up to four people had died. The Haaretz newspaper reported that three militants were killed and it was likely that the fourth one had been hit. It was also confirmed that the explosive device was not activated.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the troops’ quick response: “Any attempt to harm our soldiers or our citizens will be met with a decisive response like tonight’s IDF operation that prevented a terror attack. I commend the vigilant IDF soldiers that acted quickly and accurately,” he said.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attempted attack.

Incidents similar to the Sunday attack are not uncommon on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights border. In March, Israeli soldiers shot at Hezbollah fighters who were suspected on trying to plant a bomb at a similar spot.

There has been a lot of violent activity at the border, as Syrian anti-government rebels, including the extremist Al-Nursa Front, have been making their presence known on the Syrian side of the boundary.

One of the biggest incidents involved the capture of 43 United Nations peacekeepers by armed Islamist forces in the Golan Heights. Militants linked to the Islamic State have been trying to seize control of the border crossing.


“The group then placed an explosive device on a border fence”

a bomb on a fence?

“No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attempted attack.”

no martyrs?

which group in syria would want to do that petty little attack and get killed trying to do it?

something doesnt really add up here and we know the IDF will strike in syria without a reason and without UN approval..


Nepal’s historic landmarks reduced to rubble..earthquake experts met a week before in Kathmandu

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The rapidly climbing death toll has surpassed 2500, including 2352 in Nepal, 60 in India and reportedly 17 in the Tibet region.

A further 6,239 people are believed to have been badly injured and rescue workers continue to find people trapped under rubble.

One Australian reportedly died after a massive avalanche on Mount Everest, triggered by the earthquake, but Australian authorities have still not confirmed if any Australians were among the dead.

Nineteen people were reportedly killed, including Google executive Dan Fredinburg, during the avalanche.

Nepal’s devastating earthquake was the disaster experts knew was coming.

Just a week ago, about 50 earthquake and social scientists from around the world came to Kathmandu, Nepal, to figure out how to get this poor, congested, overdeveloped, shoddily built area to prepare better for the big one, a repeat of the 1934 temblor that leveled this city. They knew they were racing the clock, but they didn’t know when what they feared would strike.

“It was sort of a nightmare waiting to happen,” said seismologist James Jackson, head of the earth sciences department at the University of Cambridge in England. “Physically and geologically what happened is exactly what we thought would happen.”

But he didn’t expect the massive quake that struck Saturday to happen so soon. The magnitude 7.8 earthquake killed at least 1,180 people and caused widespread destruction.

“I was walking through that very area where that earthquake was and I thought at the very time that the area was heading for trouble,” said Jackson, lead scientist for Earthquakes Without Frontiers, a group that tries to make Asia more able to bounce back from these disasters and was having the meeting.

A Kathmandu earthquake has long been feared, not just because of the natural seismic fault, but because of the local, more human conditions that make it worse.

At least 3,218 people are now known to have died in a massive earthquake which hit Nepal on Saturday, say officials.

Rameshwor Dangal, head of Nepal’s disaster management agency, said another 6,500 people had been injured.

Dozens of people are also reported to have been killed in neighbouring China and India.

Thousands have spent a second night outside after the 7.8-magnitude quake, which also triggered deadly avalanches on Mount Everest.


“Just a week ago, about 50 earthquake and social scientists from around the world came to Kathmandu, Nepal, to figure out how to get this poor, congested, overdeveloped, shoddily built area to prepare better for the big one, a repeat of the 1934 temblor that leveled this city.”

they just happen to go to not only nepal which is highly coincidental, but kathmandu itself..and bingo..






Romania signs agreement with Bulgaria and Greece on natural gas network connection

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On Wednesday Sofia hosted a meeting on the construction of a gas corridor that will interconnect natural gas networks in Romania, Bulgaria and Greece, with a capacity of 3-5 billion cubic meters per year. Romania was represented by Mihai Albulescu, state secretary at the Ministry of Energy, Small and Medium Enterprises and Business Environment.

Vertical gas corridor would connect the gas networks of Bulgaria, Greece and Romania and would contribute to the diversification of gas supply. The agreement signed by Romania, Bulgaria and Greece on Wednesday on the connection of national gas networks put the bases of a project that will require a total investment of about 220 million and will be operational by 2018, according to Wall Street Journal.

“We are finally getting a new source of gas because until now we were totally reliant on one source – Russia” said Bulgaria’s Deputy Energy Minister Zhecho Stankov in a press conference. Last year in Romania most part of the natural gas was provided from domestic production.

The European Commission is ready to consider using EU funds to contribute to ‘better integration and robust energy system in these countries in overall EU energy’, recently said European Commission Vice President for Energy Union, Maros Sefcovic.

The agreement, signed by energy officials from the three countries, comes as the European Commission has sent, on Wednesday, a Statement of Objections to Gazprom arguing that that some of its business practices in Central and Eastern European  gas markets (Bulgaria included) represents an abuse of its dominant market position breaking EU antitrust rules. According to the Commission’s press release on 22nd April, “on the basis of its investigation, the Commission’s preliminary view is that Gazprom is breaking EU antitrust rules by pursuing an overall strategy to partition Central and Eastern European gas markets, for example by reducing its customers’ ability to resell the gas cross-border. This may have enabled Gazprom to charge unfair prices in certain Member States. Gazprom may also have abused its dominant market position by making the supply of gas dependent on obtaining unrelated commitments from wholesalers concerning gas transport infrastructure”. Gazprom has 3 months to reply to the Statement of Objections and can also request an oral hearing to present its arguments.


“Vertical gas corridor would connect the gas networks of Bulgaria, Greece and Romania and would contribute to the diversification of gas supply.”

and cuts russia right out of the equation..which is the real reason behind this..

“We are finally getting a new source of gas because until now we were totally reliant on one source – Russia” said Bulgaria’s Deputy Energy Minister Zhecho Stankov”


Leaked emails reveal Hollywood executives at work for Israel

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Top Hollywood bosses enjoy a strong relationship with the Israeli government and various pro-Israel lobbying groups across the United States, according to a cache of Sony internal emails leaked to Wikileaks and published for the first time last week.

The emails reveal a dinner between Sony executives and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; the presenter of American X-Factor chiding actress Natalie Portman aggressively for her views on Israel; meetings between top entertainment chiefs and the Israeli consulate-general; close ties between Sony’s Co-Chairperson and various pro-Israel lobbying groups; and film chiefs planning, in detail, a new documentary about the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe, about which the emails also reflect rising concern.

Amy Pascal, Co-Chairperson of Sony Pictures Entertainment from 2006 until 2015, was signed up to regular email updates on the security situation in Israel, from a right-wing pressure group called The Israel Project. The group was described by Jewish Daily Forwardin 2010 as a Zionist group which, “Stokes Fear of Islam for Political Profit.” The Israel Project has been admonished by the more liberal pro-Israel lobby group J-Street for taking a pro-settler stance. The daily emails sent to Pascal by The Israel Project had subject lines like “Protect Israel from a Nuclear Iran”, “Fighting Anti-Israel Hate” and “Hamas Agrees to Ceasefire then Breaks It, Again”. Most of the emails, which were being sent as often as once a day, contained requests for financial donations.

Pascal also received an email from the Anti-Defamation League, an anti-Semitism watchdog with close links to the Israeli government, thanking her personally for being amongst eighteen entertainment executives whose names were displayed prominently in an ADL advert in Variety, The Jewish Journal, and The Hollywood Reporter. The advert quoted Golda Meir from 1957: “We can forgive them [the Palestinians] for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with them when they love their children more than they hate us.” The quote was prefaced with additional commentary from ADL: “As talk turns to the future of Gaza, these haunting words of Golda Meir are as current as today’s headlines. She could have been talking about Hamas.”

Another leaked email exchange shows Pascal, who has since left Sony, being invited to “an intimate salon style discussion” at a J-Street supporter’s home, in August 2014. The email emphasised that a special guest would be in attendance, J-Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami. Pascal declined the invitation as she was on holiday in Vietnam, but responded, “I’m in for next steps and want to know how to get myself educated [sic].” J-Street bills itself as a “Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace” organisation and is regarded as the liberal element of the US pro-Israel lobby.

Another email that Pascal received and responded to shows an organisation called Creative Community for Peace, “a group of influential music execs… which battles the BDS movement… which tries to stop artists performing in Israel” reminding Pascal that they had taken her and her husband on a trip to Israel back in 2007.

“At that time,” wrote David Lonner, a top Hollywood executive and Advisory Board Member for CCP, “the war with Hezbollah had just ended and our community had exhibited a great deal of apathy and some ignorance on what Israel was up against.” Lonner added: “My hope in the end, was that if there was another crisis, we would not be silent. 7 years have passed since our trip and tragically we are in another crisis with Hamas.”

Lonner than claimed that CCP worked with Rihanna, Paul McCartney and Alicia Keys when international pressure nearly prevented them from playing concerts in Israel. The email asked for Pascal’s and her husband’s signatures on another appeal, this time to “support Israel” during the Toronto Film Festival. Pascal replied to the email, “Count on both us.” [sic]

Pascal and her husband Bernard Weintraub also received a personal invitation to attend a private event in September last year with the Israeli Consul-General, according to another email in the leaked archive. Held at the home of media lawyer and marketing tycoon Michael Kassan, the event was billed as “A Special Briefing on the Situation in Israel by David Siegel, Consul General of Israel in Los Angeles, and Jay Sanderson, President and CEO of The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles.” The evening included “cocktails and hors d’oeuvres,” and guests were advised to wear “Business Casual Attire.”

Another top Sony executive, Michael Lynton, was also emailed by Israeli intelligence operative and veteran film producer Arnon Milchan, arranging for him to have an “intimate dinner” with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The dinner was later held at Milchan’s private home in Malibu.

One of the most extraordinary exchanges in the leaked emails came as Hollywood executives discussed Ken Loach’s call for “a complete cultural boycott of Israel”. “Enough with this pathetic limousine liberals ignorant bs,” responded Ben Silverman, Executive Producer of hit shows like The Office, Ugly Betty and The Tudors.

Silverman then claimed that Gazans watching Loach’s films will “be lined up and shot in the street for doing so.” He asserted that anyone

“with a wife, daughter, mother or sister knows the evil anti woman rhetoric of the sharia Islamists and it is time to draw attention to the fact that you can have a voice and a choice in our democracies and you can have nothing but hate in their monarchies and dictatorships who thrive on censorship that would never allow their works to be shown. Let’s go gents. We can’t lie down. We must stand up.”

Hollywood star Natalie Portman is copied on the email. She complained that she doesn’t want her personal email address shared with a group of people she doesn’t know. Ryan Kavanaugh, a well-known producer, reported billionaire and Variety magazine’s 2011 “Showman of the Year,” then reproached her sarcastically.

“Sorry. You are right jews being slaughtered for their beliefs and cannes members calling for the boycott of anything Israel or Jewish is much much less important than your email address being shared with 20 of our peers who are trying to make a difference. my deepest apologies.

I know that you don’t care so I’ll leave it alone, but I had lunch yesterday with Israel consulate general who brought J street up to me. He was so perplexed confused and concerned when he heard you supported them that he begged me to connect you two. I told him how you felt, you didn’t want to hear from or speak to anyone who disagrees with your position. Three times he said “buts she’s Jewish and smart.”

Just thought you should know”

In another round-robin email, Hollywood executives discussed making a documentary about the recent resurgence in anti-Semitism. The well-respected independent film producer and agent Cassian Elwes suggested,

“How about we all club together and make a documentary about the rise of new anti-Semitism in Europe I would be willing to contribute and put time into it if others here would do the same. Between all of us I’m sure we could figure out a way to distribute it and get it into places like Cannes so we could have a response to guys like Loach. Perhaps we try to use it to rally support from film communities in Europe to help us distribute it there.”

Copied in on the email are dozens of Hollywood names, including Natalie Portman and fellow actress Scarlett Johansson, executives at Lionsgate Productions, MGM and Fox, X-Factor presenter and producer of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” Ryan Seacrest, and several high profile actors’ agents. One unidentified executive called the proposed documentary “A brilliant idea.” Also copied is Amy Pascal of Sony, who writes “Me too,” in response.

Jason Binn, the owner of luxury shopping website Gilt, then offered to promote the film to its nine million members and the three million readers of his luxury magazine DuJour.

Glenn Feig, owner of the entertainment law firm Reder and Feig, offered pro bono legal services for the planned documentary, before copying in his client Ram Bergman, producer of the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII and Star Wars Episode IX, and the thriller Looper, which starred A-Listers Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Also copied in on the email discussion about the upcoming film is Elliot Brandt, who was named in September 2014 as National Managing Director for the America Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a pro-Israel lobbying and political financing organisation. The emails reveal anxiety amongst the predominantly Jewish film executives regarding the rise of anti-Semitism.

One round-robin email, sent out by Bart Rosenblatt of Code Entertainment, is entitled “Too close to home.” It details a hate crime at Emory University in October 2014 in which swastikas were scrawled onto a Jewish fraternity house. Executives also emailed each otherarticles from The Guardian newspaper saying that anti-Semitism “was at its worse since the Nazis”, and an article claiming that Germany is now a no-go area for Jews.

Producer Ryan Kavanaugh wrote

“We can continue to be silent and pretend this isn’t happening because it is not in our country yet. We can ignore the anti-Semitism akin to pre ww2 Germany… now lining the streets of London, France, Germany and around the world. We all may think we’re protected here in the free US. We are not. It had now hit our doorstep and yet we remain silent?”

Another producer, Ron Rotholz, argued that

“many lines are being crossed … it’s a new reality for us. The tacit and subtle recognition of Hamas as a legitimate government with legitimate policies and a legitimate charter, by Western governments is a hate crime on a global scale”

Rotholz also called out the UK’s National Union of Students:

“In the UK as you well know there has been a shocking rise in anti-Israel and anti-Semitism on university campuses here, both in terms of faculty and students and student orgs such as the potent and powerful NUS ( Natl Union of Students which holds great weight within the natl. Labour Party ).

The NUS has a long history of anti-Israel leadership and policy and their rhetoric and policies have become much more aggressive in the last year or so … The intimidation of Jewish students, and those who support Israel in UK universities both by administrators, faculty and students is widespread, commonplace and alarming … it’s a dire situation and quite shocking in a nation which prides itself on tolerance and civility.”

Those working on the anti-Semitism documentary also discussed who should present the film. One producer said that the project would need “a really good director who on the face of it doesn’t seem completely biased, so that we can show something that gets the message across without making it seem like propaganda.”

Organisers also planned to lean heavily on European institutions to make the film, anticipating good support. One executive wrote,

“I think we will get full cooperation from the impt media in europe, the eu, the current conservative govt. in the uk, the current govt in france, angela merkel in germany, many academics ( def at Oxford, Cambridge, LSE ) and of course, major jewish orgs in the uk france germany and in most eu countries … This documentary is an essential tool for spreading our message.”


this is an awesome article and it needs to be read to fully gauge the influence of one group..this is how the control game is really played and it goes all the way to the israeli government..its on going and its all encompassing..holy wood is totally owned..


Deutsche Bank to pay $2.5 billion fine to settle rate-rigging case

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They called each other “dude,” “mate” and “amigo,” suggesting a certain innocence to their friendship. And yet at the center of their dispatches, United States and British authorities say, was actually a collusive effort to manipulate worldwide interest rates.

“I’m begging u, don’t forget me,” one Deutsche Bank trader wrote in an online chat to an employee at a rival bank, seeking to influence rates. “Pleassssssssssssssseeeeeeeeee … I’m on my knees …”

The messages captured the scheme at Deutsche Bank, which on Thursday became the latest big bank to settle accusations that it manipulated interest rates that underpin trillions of dollars in mortgages, student loans and other debt.

To settle the case, the bank agreed to pay $2.5 billion in penalties, a record for the interest rate cases, which have already stung the likes of Barclays and UBS. Deutsche Bank — Germany’s largest financial institution and, at least for now, a problem child in the eyes of regulators — also agreed to accept a criminal guilty plea for the British subsidiary at the center of the case. It is the most significant banking unit to accept a criminal plea in the long-running investigation into the manipulation of the London interbank offered rate, or Libor.

While the deals require Deutsche Bank to dismiss certain employees, no one at the bank has been criminally charged, though in at least one previous Libor case, prosecutors charged individuals after reaching a settlement with the bank itself. “Today’s resolution of the Libor investigation with Deutsche Bank is in some respects the most significant one yet,” said Leslie R. Caldwell, head of the Justice Department’s criminal division, which handled the case along with authorities in Washington, London and New York, where the state’s financial regulator, Benjamin M. Lawsky, joined a Libor settlement for the first time.

The case spotlighted the collusive elements of Wall Street trading desks, where rival banks have occasionally joined forces to manipulate financial benchmarks. It also foreshadows looming actions against banks suspected of teaming up to manipulate the price of foreign currencies, people briefed on the matter said, with the Justice Department planning to announce guilty pleas from at least four banks — Barclays, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and the Royal Bank of Scotland — by next month.


disgraceful, fraudulent, manipulation of libor rates witch went on for years..god knows how much money has been stolen..$2.5bn wouldnt cover very much of the total profits made..


China warns North Korean nuclear threat is rising

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China’s top nuclear experts have increased their estimates of North Korea’s nuclear weapons production well beyond most previous US figures, suggesting Pyongyang can make enough warheads to threaten regional security for the US and its allies.

The latest Chinese estimates, relayed in a closed-door meeting with US nuclear specialists, showed that North Korea may already have 20 warheads, as well as the capability of producing enough weapons-grade uranium to double its arsenal by next year, according to people briefed on the matter, reports the Wall Street Journal.

A well-stocked nuclear armoury in North Korea ramps up security fears in Japan and South Korea, neighbouring US allies that could seek their own nuclear weapons in defence. Washington has mutual defence treaties with Seoul and Tokyo, which mean an attack on South Korea or Japan is regarded as an attack on the US.

“I’m concerned that by 20, they actually have a nuclear arsenal,” said Siegfried Hecker, a Stanford University professor and former head of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, who attended the closed-door meeting in February.

“The more they believe they have a fully functional nuclear arsenal and deterrent, the more difficult it’s going to be to walk them back from that.”

Chinese experts now believe North Korea has a greater domestic capacity to enrich uranium than previously thought, Mr. Hecker said.

The Chinese estimates reflect growing concern in Beijing over North Korea’s weapons program and what they see as US inaction while President Barack Obama focuses on a nuclear deal with Iran.

A well-armed North Korea may prompt the US to adopt countermeasures, especially in missile defence. Admiral William Gortney, head of US Northern Command, said this month that defence officials believe North Korea can now mount a nuclear warhead on an intercontinental ballistic missile called the KN-08. US. officials don’t believe the missile has been tested, but experts estimate it has a range of about 9000 kilometres — within reach of the western edge of the continental US, including California.

An increase in North Korea’s nuclear arsenal feeds international concern about proliferation from a country that, US officials said, previously exported nuclear technology to Syria and missile components to Iran, Yemen and Egypt.

In Washington, some Republican politicians said the pending White House deal with Iran could mirror the 1994 nuclear agreement the Clinton administration made with North Korea. The deal was intended to halt Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons capabilities, but instead, they allege, provided diplomatic cover to expand them. North Korea tested its first nuclear device in 2006.

“We saw how North Korea was able to game this whole process,” US Rep. Ed Royce, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said in an interview. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Iran had its hands on the same playbook.”

The pace of North Korea’s nuclear arms growth depends on its warhead designs and its uranium-enrichment capacity, Mr Royce said: “We know they have one factory; we don’t know if they have another one.”

Recent estimates by US experts range from 10 to 16 nuclear bombs today.


“relayed in a closed-door meeting with US nuclear specialists, showed that North Korea may already have 20 warheads”

20 eh? not so sure of that..

“The Chinese estimates reflect growing concern in Beijing over North Korea’s weapons program”

why is china apparently worried about north korea?


California’s “Big One” could trigger super cycle of destructive quakes

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A major earthquake – the Big One – is statistically almost certain in California in the coming decades, and there is even worse news below the ground: it is likely to be followed by a series of similar-sized temblors, according to a leading seismologist.

The current relatively quiet seismic period – in which “far less” energy is being released in earthquakes than it is being stored from tectonic plate motions “cannot last forever,” said University of Southern California earth sciences professor James Dolan while delivering a new paper during the Seismological Society of America conference in Pasadena.

“At some point, we will need to start releasing all of this pent-up energy stored in the rocks in a series of large earthquakes,” Dolan stressed.

The earthquake could spark a “super cycle,” meaning “a flurry of other Big Ones, as stresses related to the original San Andreas fault earthquake are redistributed on other faults throughout Southern California,” he said.

While there would not be a literal cannonade of destruction, the earthquakes could come just decades apart, like, for example, the 7.5 major quake in 1812 on the San Andreas fault, followed by a 7.7 in 1857.

Incidentally, that was the last major earthquake in that system, one of the factors that led the US Geological Survey to conclude last month that there is a 7 percent chance of an earthquake measuring 8.0 or greater on the Richter scale to occur in California in the next 30 years alone.

Scientists behind the March report said that the fault lines in California – which is home to almost 40 million people – are much more interconnected than previously thought, and similarly claimed that“tectonic forces are continually tightening the springs of the San Andreas fault system, making big quakes inevitable.”


its overdue..our thoughts also with the people of nepal who have been hit hard with 2-3 massive tremors..thousands dead..

“At some point, we will need to start releasing all of this pent-up energy stored in the rocks in a series of large earthquakes,”

oh yeah..



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