What have we become?

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We all see ourselves as in control of our technology. It was meant to help us and make our lives better. Instead, most of us have become captives of devices and apps we can’t bear to live without.

Your attention is a valuable and scarce commodity. It’s the currency that most technology companies are fighting for every day. They invest heavily in creating cleverly designed notifications and algorithms to keep you coming back for more. And they’ve succeeded.

We check our smartphones every twelve minutes while we’re awake. Endless scrolling. Addictive casino techniques. Heavily researched colors and sounds. Each is engineered to make us want to check our devices.

This kills our ability to concentrate. We lose our best thoughts when we are constantly distracted away from them.

The reality is, our thoughts are under attack. Our research shows that we spend one eight-hour workday, each week, just checking notifications on our devices. A large majority of adult American consumers say that notifications keep them from doing their best work.

It’s hard to quit: 53% of adults say they have deleted an app at least once because it takes too much of their time; 37% admit to reinstalling the app within two weeks. This is despite the fact that people say they feel pressure, anxiety, and guilt when they cannot focus due to distractions.

We’re addicted. We need a new human direction for technology.

At reMarkable we made a commitment, years ago, to fuel the movement to reclaim focus from technology that was designed to distract and capture us.

But we’re not going to get out of this alone.

reMarkable is dedicated to developing products, finding the latest research, sharing knowledge and serving a community of people who are ready to reclaim their thoughts. We need to rethink technology as something that serves our brains, instead of taking them over.


thanks to rev17 for the link..

“We check our smartphones every twelve minutes while we’re awake. Endless scrolling. Addictive casino techniques. Heavily researched colors and sounds. Each is engineered to make us want to check our devices.”

a revolution is needed..


Images 11/11/18

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nicole..eyes wide shut or one eye open..

cindy crawford still playing the game..

not sure who this is but the rest is very evident..

nothing to see here..just a kids cartoon from decades ago..

candace owens inspired group..

interesting use of human shapes..

bizarre bazaar..”why ugly is the new pretty”..

along a similar theme..

auston matthews from the nhl..hes a big thing apparently..

we know the beard is a big thing..this season not so much..

a carrey drawing..trump with one eye..yeah..

eduardo and carlos bolsonaro walking in israel..sons of the latest brazilian president..owned?

flannery lies without even knowing it..he believes his lies so much he cant discern truth from fiction..former australian of the year..for telling lies..


China International Import Expo takes over Shanghai..Trump, Xi upbeat on ending trade war

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  • In May 2017, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced at the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation that China will hold China International Import Expo (CIIE) starting from 2018.
  • It is a significant move for the Chinese government to hold CIIE to give firm support to trade liberalization and economic globalization and actively open the Chinese market to the world. It facilitates countries and regions all over the world to strengthen economic cooperation and trade, and to promote global trade and world economic growth in order to make the world economy more open.
  • The Chinese government sincerely welcomes government officials, business communities, exhibitors and professional purchasers across the world to participate in CIIE and to explore the Chinese market. We would like to work with all countries, regions and international organizations to make CIIE a world-class Expo, providing new channels for countries and regions to do business, strengthen cooperation and promote common prosperity of the world economy and trade.


The first China International Import Expo (CIIE) has drawn much attention from domestic and international media.

As of Friday, more than 4,100 journalists from 630 news organizations at home and abroad had registered to report on the event, according to the organizer. A press center opens to journalists Saturday and will officially begin operation Sunday.

More than 300 volunteers will be on standby to assist the press staff while the event is going on from Nov. 5 to 10. There will also be bilingual services.

The CIIE is scheduled to start in Shanghai Monday. More than 3,000 companies from over 130 countries and regions have so far confirmed their attendance in the event.


US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping have expressed optimism about resolving their bitter trade disputes ahead of a high-stakes meeting planned for the two leaders at the end of November in Argentia.

But within hours of the upbeat assessments, the US Justice Department took aim at another Chinese firm it accused of unfair practices, part of an across-the-board pressure campaign by the Trump administration targeting China.

Still, investors cheered the resumption of dialogue and a report that Trump was taking steps to resolve the tariff war, with shares in Asia hitting three-week highs on today and the dollar softening.


the ultimate west to east expo!

“More than 3,000 companies from over 130 countries and regions have so far confirmed their attendance in the event.”

china v usa peace?..can see it yet..


15 Star Trek technologies that exist today

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Star Trek showcased a number of futuristic technologies back in the 1960s. Many of them are now either commonplace or have come into existence. Here’s a list of 15 such technologies in use today.

Continue here: http://www.thefederationtimes.com/15-star-trek-technologies-that-exist-today/


thanks to maria for the link..

they always tell us what they are going to do or have done..star trek was an outlet for this..

the replicator was a 3D printer..


More than 200 mass graves of IS victims uncovered in Iraq

•November 9, 2018 • 5 Comments


The graves are mostly in Iraq’s north and range in size — the smallest grave holds eight bodies, while the largest contains thousands.

The biggest grave is in a sinkhole just south of the city of Mosul, which was held by IS for three years, until mid-2017.

Iraq’s Mass Graves Directorate thinks there are around 4,000 bodies in the al-khasfa sinkhole — but no-one knows for sure because excavating it methodically is too dangerous and too expensive: the site is booby-trapped and the group doesn’t have the staff, or the cash, to begin a forensic dig.

The site is one of 202 sites detailed in a new UN report, based on information from Iraqi authorities.

UN teams have been to some of the sites.

In some cases, they were led there by survivors of IS death squads.

“In here, I didn’t die,” says one man, who played dead among the bodies of others shot by IS. “I didn’t speak, I didn’t breathe. For 10 minutes or 15 minutes. I saw they went to another place, and I went.”

It is thought the graves combined hold the bodies of between 6,000 to 12,000 victims of IS.

The group is thought to have killed more than 30,000 people during its three terrifying years in power.

It filmed and broadcast many of the executions of soldiers, police, journalists, gay people, Iraqi tribespeople that wouldn’t bow down to the Sunni extremists, and, of course, thousands of Yazidi people from Iraq’s north.

At one site, on the grounds of Saddam Hussein’s former presidential palace in Tikrit, 1,700 Iraqi soldiers and cadets were killed in one day — June 12, 2014.

Very few of the sites have been excavated.

Suki Nagra, the director of the UN’s Human Rights office in Iraq, says the sites need to be protected until they can be dug up by properly trained forensic experts.


over 200 sites..insanity..

the big hole at mosul might hold over 4000 victims..


Fed set to propose loosening capital

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Statements released by Federal Reserve indicate the board will vote to loosen capital and liquidity rules on banks between $100 billion and $700 billion in assets.

Vice Chairman for Supervision Randal Quarles said the cumulative effect of the proposed changes would result in a decrease of $8 billion of required capital, or a change of 0.6%, and the cumulative effect of the proposed changes, would be a reduction of between 2% to 2.5% of high quality liquid assets. “As a result, I am hopeful that firms will see reduced regulatory complexity and easier compliance with no decline in the resiliency of the U.S. banking system,” he said.

Gov. Lael Brainard, however, said that while she supports revising the standards applicable to banks between $100 billion and $250 billion in assets that are not complex, the rules for banks between $250 billion and $700 billion “weaken the buffers that are core to the resilience of our system.”

She said staff analysis indicates that the reduced requirements would lead to an estimated reduction in high quality liquid assets for banks between $100 billion and $250 billion of assets of as much as $70 billion overall and a reduction of 15% their liquidity buffers, and an upward adjustment of banks between $250 billion and $700 billion in their reported core risk-adjusted capital ratio of 50 basis points without changing their actual capacity to absorb losses.


thanks red dragon leo for the link..

got it?

layman’s terms..you dont have to have as much as you used to if you are a bank and want to “lend”..and that wasnt much to begin with..


The Program (2012)

•November 8, 2018 • 13 Comments


binney exposed it all..the great unveiling of the great snooping..


Binney is known for making the claim that the NSA collects and stores information about every U.S. communication. Binney was invited as a witness by the NSA commission of the German Bundestag. On July 3, 2014 Der Spiegel wrote, he said that the NSA wanted to have information about everything. In Binney’s view this is a totalitarian approach, which had previously been seen only in dictatorships. Binney stated that the goal was to control people. Meanwhile, he said that it is possible in principle to monitor the whole population, abroad and in the U.S., which in his view contradicts the United States Constitution.


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