Obama: Called on Kenyans to “break the cycle” of government corruption..hypocrite much?

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Introducing himself as the U.S.’s first Kenyan-American president, Barack Obama sought to use his unlikely success story and personal ties to his father’s homeland to inspire a country he described as “at a crossroads.”

Mr. Obama, in a speech on Sunday before several thousand Kenyans at an indoor sports arena, said Kenya is caught between intensifying security concerns over the spread of terrorism and the promise of a democracy with increasing economic opportunities.

“I’m here as a friend who wants Kenya to succeed,” Mr. Obama said.

Mr. Obama, who has largely left focusing on Africa policy to his second term, said the U.S. would increasingly partner with Kenya on economic and security issues. At the same time, he outlined a broader vision for how he hopes Kenya could progress, rooted in internal changes to the country’s political and economic culture.

In the signature speech of his long-awaited, two-day visit to the nation where his father was born, Mr. Obama cited rooting out government corruption, expanding human rights and creating a society more inclusive of women and girls as critical to the country’s future.

“Imagine you have a team, and you don’t let half the team play—that’s stupid,” he said, referring to the traditional treatment of women and girls in African cultures.

“Just because something is part of your past doesn’t make it right,” Mr. Obama said. “It doesn’t mean it defines your future.”

Mr. Obama was introduced by his Kenyan half sister, Auma Obama. As he has been introduced publicly throughout his time in Kenya, she called him by his full name: Barack Hussein Obama.

“He gets us,” she said. “He’s one of us.”

Much of the crowd were students invited to hear Mr. Obama’s message of youth empowerment.

Michael Amol, a 23-year-old university student, said Mr. Obama “talked about the real issues we are dealing with.” He said Kenyan leaders don’t usually talk so frankly about corruption or Kenya’s tribal divides.

“The youth have been used by the political elite for their gains but when it comes to solid advice, they have nothing.” Asked if Obama had any solid advice, he said, “Yes—I should not let my background dictate what my future will be.”

Mr. Obama is set to travel to Ethiopia later Sunday.

The crossroads Mr. Obama said Kenya is at was inherent in his choice of venue for his speech, which was the closest he had come during the trip to interacting with regular Kenyans.

The president spoke at an arena inside the sports complex where the Kenyan government held more than 1,000 ethnic Somalis in April 2014 during a weeklong security crackdown sparked by a grenade attack in the predominantly Somali neighborhood of Eastleigh.


dont you love how we go to other countries and tell them how bad they are and what they have to do to be like us living without “sin”..look in your own backyard first..


Syngenta spars with suitor Monsanto over takeover

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Swiss agrochemicals maker Syngenta's logo is seen in front of the headquarters in Basel  February 4, 2015. REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann

Swiss agrochemicals maker Syngenta’s logo is seen in front of the headquarters in Basel.


Syngenta (SYNN.VX) and unwanted U.S. suitor Monsanto (MON.N) squabbled over an earnings report from the Swiss pesticides maker on Thursday, with both sides claiming it strengthened their case in a $45 billion takeover battle.

Monsanto wants to combine its world-leading seeds business with Syngenta’s own seeds and pesticides. Syngenta has rejected the proposal and refused to open its books, despite the offer of a $2 billion cash payment should the transaction fail to win regulatory approval.

Adjusted earnings per share from Syngenta fell 6 percent and sales fell 10 percent in the first six months of the year but still exceeded average estimates in a Reuters poll. Adjusted for currency swings, sales rose 3 percent.

Syngenta also said it was sticking with profitability targets viewed as ambitious by some analysts, and highlighted the potential of new products in development, such as fungicides for vegetable and cereals farmers, which it believes give it a strong future alone, despite Monsanto’s repeated approaches.

“We said no in 2011, we said no in 2012, we said no in 2015. What part of no don’t they understand?” Chief Executive Michael Mack told a press conference at the group’s Basel headquarters.

Baader Bank analyst Markus Mayer said the first-half figures “might be the base for Monsanto to come up with a new offer which has at first only a higher cash proportion to raise pressure and to bring Syngenta management back into negotiations and then come up with a higher offer price”.

For now, though, Monsanto is standing firm.


monsanto is hunting them like a lion picks off a wounded wildebeest..

“Monsanto wants to combine its world-leading seeds business with Syngenta’s own seeds and pesticides.”

its a gmo nightmare for slaves..


Cheney on 9/11..the images

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This album contains photos of Vice President Cheney on September 11, 2001 including meetings in the President’s Emergency Operations Center (PEOC).


caption time people..

image 1 – “the lie will be this big”

image 2 – “my work here is done”

image 3 – “what?..they forget to hit wtc7?”

image 4 – “colin..just stfu..Shut. The. Fuck. Up.”


Former Obama aide: Bolster Israel with bunker busting B-52s

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A former top adviser to US President Barack Obama is calling on Washington to provide bunker-busting B-52 bombers to Israel as a means of bolstering Israeli deterrence and the credibility of its so-called military option should Iran opt out of commitments codified in Tuesday’s deal with world powers.

“To have a credible military option, it’s not enough to say all options are on the table. We have to be much more blunt,” said Ambassador Dennis Ross, a longtime diplomat and former special adviser to Obama on Iran.

In an interview Thursday, Ross said he favors the transfer of an unspecified quantity of B-52 Stratofortress bombers outfitted to deliver 30,000-pound GBU-57 Massive Ordnance Penetrators as one of the means of shoring up deterrence vis a vis Iran.

“Deterrence becomes a very important question as we move toward implementation,” Ross told Defense News of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) signed July 14 in Vienna.

“The life of the deal in terms of threshold status is for 15 years, after which it legitimizes Iran as a nuclear threshold state … So sometime before year 15, the Israelis should have this capability,” he said.

He noted that in the nearer term, Israeli pilots could start training in the United States and working jointly toward receipt of the new capabilities.

Ross’ remarks were the first time he or any other member of Obama’s inner circle publicly endorsed an idea bandied about for years as a means of fortifying Israel’s legally mandated Qualitative Military Edge (QME).

Language proposing delivery of aerial refueling tankers and bunker-buster munitions to Israel was included in the US-Israel enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012.

In April 2014, Michael Makovsky, president of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), and David Deptula, a retired US Air Force three-star general, penned a piece for the Wall Street Journal titled “Sending a Bunker Buster Message to Iran.”

In it, they noted Obama had “already taken one potential source of leverage off the table by promising to veto legislation that threatens tighter economic sanctions on Iran.” They called for transfer of “several B-52 bombers” as delivery vehicles for MOP weaponry capable of striking hardened targets deeply buried in Iran.

But neither then, nor now, has Israel publicly proposed or promoted the notion of acquiring B-52s.

“Intuitively, I don’t believe this is the right answer or even relevant to the Israel Air Force. It’s like buying a pair of shoes many sizes too large,” said Giora Romm, a retired Israel Air Force (IAF) major general and former deputy commander.


Ross was born in San Francisco and grew up in Marin County. His Jewish mother and Catholic stepfather raised him in a non-religious atmosphere. Ross graduated from University of California, Los Angeles, in 1970 and did graduate work there, writing a doctoral dissertation on Soviet decision-making. He later became religiously Jewish after the Six Day War. In 2002 he co-founded the Kol Shalom synagogue in Rockville, Maryland.


ross is a warmonger..he is a firestarter working for the zionist bloc..

“Ross said he favors the transfer of an unspecified quantity of B-52 Stratofortress bombers outfitted to deliver 30,000-pound GBU-57 Massive Ordnance Penetrators”

he wants to give israel these weapons to attack iran..its that simple..

“So sometime before year 15, the Israelis should have this capability,” he said.”


The Australian dollar is smashed and teetering over the US 70c precipice

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The Australian dollar has been in freefall.

“Smashed” was the description from a foreign exchange trader friend noting that since the peak of US$1.1080 during 2011, the dollar is now below US 75c and many strategists are now forecasting a fall below US70c and with a real risk of US60c over the next year.

The Australian dollar’s fall of more than US 35c from its recent peak is substantial and reflects a buildup of negative news concerning the economy.

Recently, I noted the escalation in Australia’s net foreign debt as one factor that is risking international investor confidence.

Of the many other factors that tend to drive the level of the Australian dollar, almost all have been negative and are suggesting that, in the near term, there are still substantial downside risks.

Commodity prices have fallen sharply, many dropping to their lowest level in a decade. A global glut of mining production and moderating growth in demand for such commodities has seen the Reserve Bank of Australia index of commodity prices (which is based on Australia’s export base) fall 52.9% in US dollar terms between the peak in July 2011 and June 2015.

Another negative influence, which is likely to persist for some time, is the record low level for Australian interest rates. At 2%, rates are higher than in most other industrialised economies, but the gap with the rest of the world is starting to narrow.

This lowers the yield premium to foreign investors and has been a factor that has seen lower capital inflows into Australian capital markets.

Compounding the interest rate differential issue is the likelihood of interest rate increases from the US Federal Reserve. With the US economy now expanding at a solid pace, the prospect for higher interest rates has already seen the US dollar appreciate against all major currencies, including the Australian dollar. As interest rate hikes are delivered, the appeal of the US as an investment destination will be enhanced at a cost to other countries, including Australia, where interest rates are likely to be stable or even lower.


“Of the many other factors that tend to drive the level of the Australian dollar, almost all have been negative and are suggesting that, in the near term, there are still substantial downside risks.”

there are a lot of alarm bells going off in this country..i am staying very awake and aware..


Is Turkmenistan’s gas line a pipe dream?

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For many, the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (Tapi) gas pipeline is nothing but a pipe dream.

Its starting point is in Turkmenistan, one of the most isolated and closed-for-business states in the world, before it goes through war-torn Afghanistan and then reaches two countries that are hard to describe as partners – Pakistan and India.

However, Turkmenistan insists that the pipeline’s construction will start by the end of 2015. The visit in May of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to Ashgabat seemed to confirm this – both sides pledged to put fast track the project.

Likewise the recent visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Turkmenistan is also being seen as a boost to the project.

The proposed 1,420km-long (882-mile) pipeline will carry 33 billion cubic meters (bcm) of gas a year from Galkynysh, making it one of the world’s biggest onshore gas fields.

Pakistan and India will each get 42% of that volume – the rest will be purchased by Afghanistan.

The US strongly supports the pipeline plan, calling it “a transformative project for the entire region”.

If implemented, it will help to attract much-needed investment to Afghanistan, increasing budget revenues through transit fees and contribute to the country’s overall development.

The project is also crucial for India and Pakistan who are both facing severe energy shortages.

By 2020-21, demand for gas in India is expected to double and according to the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, demand for gas in Pakistan over roughly the same timeframe will be three times higher than supply.

Turkmenistan is keen to implement this project in order to diversify its export routes and decrease its dependency on China.

At the moment Beijing is the main buyer of the Turkmen gas and by 2020 it will import two times more Turkmen gas than now.


pivotal country..its all about the pipes..

“Turkmenistan is keen to implement this project in order to diversify its export routes and decrease its dependency on China.”


Images 26/7/15

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proud to be that..


flashback to the nineties..lol? how many trillion is it now?

2015-unicef-awards-ceremony-at_4794461 queen letizia

the image used at the unicef awards ceremony a few weeks ago..queen letizia is happy about it..


just coincidence that they would use a one eye image for the worlds major fund for children..

soaked_in_bleach_xlg - Copy

the story of cobain..one eye..


do it..


gmail logo..not very inspiring..very bland..why so?


oh i see..


yeah yeah..



Kristen Stewart Chanel

kristen stewart of twilight fame posed here for chanel


max!..well said..and the flag psyop WAS/IS pathetic..flags dont make anyone kill..evil does..


my favorite moment of the week..the money man not comfortable being showered in money..



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